Opening Ceremony

The 2nd edition of CCIFF will start on the night of September 25th, 2017 in Montreal Cineplex Forum, which is a time-honoured former hockey hall. The Canadian hockey team has brought lots of honour to its country here.

Hundreds of attendees including government representatives, celebrities, well-known film directors, producers and honoured guests will be present at the red carpet ceremony. The government representatives and our exclusive sponsors will deliver speeches at the ceremony. The festival opening film will be screened during the night. A VIP cocktail party will follow.

People’s Film Screening and Competition

2017 People’s Film Screening will be held in 5 days during the film festival, and there will be features, documentaries, short films, animated films and other kinds of excellent films from Canada, China and all over the world.

Selected films will have the opportunity to be shown in partnering theatres in Montreal, on CBC television, and iTalkBB online platform.


The evaluation system of CCAFA filming screening is divided into three rounds:

  • Preliminary round: Nearly one hundred films will be selected from the participation pool.
  • Secondary round: 30 films will be selected to enter the final round.
  • Final round: The jury will vote for the 13 award winners.

Experts, scholars and famous filmmakers around the world will be invited to be the international jury. The results will be decided in the jury general meeting, and the jury president has casting vote. Moreover, the awards will be given at the Closing Ceremony.

Co-Production Project Pitch

The Canada-China co-production project pitch will improve the communication and cooperation between filmmakers, film artists and film technologists. In this section, representatives from both Chinese and Canadian governments and film industries will be giving speeches on the current industrial form. In the meantime, film production companies from both countries will have a discussion about their future investment direction and form of cooperation.

In order to promote the cooperation between Canadian and Chinese film market, the Canada-China co-production project will attract more film production companies and extraordinary scripts from both countries to achieve the goal of Canada and China co-producing movies.

Women’s Voice in Film and Television

The Women’s Voice in Film and Television is one of the highlights in the 2nd edition of CCIFF.

The forum is comprised of our guests’ inspiring speeches and discussion panels with audience. Based on the combination of culture and art, the forum will be focusing on the development of women’s current role in film industry, eventually aiming to boost their influence in the international film market. The main object is to share each others’ experiences in the industry as well as to establish an interconnected and interdependent platform for cultural exchange.

Entertainment Technology Summit

The Entertainment Technology Summit will be a crucial media for constructing a platform of mutual academic learning and communication about film production. Entertainment technology specialists and peers will discuss multimedia technology, post-production skills, and brainstorm with each other. At the same time, people have a chance to see how entertainment technology develop in this decade.

CCIFF will also invite famous Canadian, Chinese, and American film companies to participate, providing the conference with an informed and dynamic atmosphere.


Canada 150 & Montreal 375

With the year of 2017 being Canada’s 150th anniversary and Montreal’s 375th anniversary, many events will be held to celebrate this special year. We will take this special opportunity to improve cultural exchange between Canada and China through films from both countries. In the meantime, we will also focus on the development of entertainment and technology.

Special screenings will be held in China to celebrate Canada 150 & Montreal 375, as well as to promote Canadian film culture and talents in China.

Furthermore, we will have a special series of events. For example, experts in film industry will be invited to give speeches about film culture, or seminars about cultural exchange between Canada and China.

Closing Ceremony

13 CCAFA awards will be given to the winning films and personnels on the closing ceremony. In the meantime, the signature of co-production project pitch proposal between partner film production companies will take place at the closing ceremony. Moreover, on the closing ceremony, a special performance will be presented by the performance team our committee invited.