The review

Date: Sept.16th — Sept.19th 2016

Location: Montreal, Canada

Slogan: Your Story · Our World

Features: Professional, International, Future-Driving, Market-Oriented


  • Facilitate interactions between filmmakers, artists and technicians;
  • Develop mutual resources and technology;
  • Explore broader future film markets.


Film production companies, film producers, and film lovers from China and Canada.

From Sept. 16-19, 2016, Canada China Art-Tech and mDreams Pictures will host the first edition of the Canada China International Film Festival (CCIFF) in Montreal, Quebec. The festival will promote an exchange between Chinese and Canadian film culture, foster cooperation, and encourage communication between artists and filmmakers. In addition, the festival will be a platform for innovation and creation, as it will showcase the latest in interactive technology.

As both the Chinese and Canadian government have determined that 2016 is The Year of People to People and Cultural Exchanges, CCIFF will successfully bring international filmmakers together, activate opportunities between the Chinese and Canadian film markets, and strive for increased influence in the international film market.

1st edition in short


4 days


85 films


20k audiences


100x screening


50+ media