Master Class


Time: September 24 13:00 – 20:25

Location: D B Clarke Theatre H-0094-2

1445 Boul. de Maisonneuve O. Montréal QC H3G 1M8



主办 | Hosts



L’Institut Confucius à Québec | 魁北克孔子学院 | Confucius Institute in Quebec

13:00 Projection de film/Film screening

15:00 Classe de maître de M. Qiankuan Li | 魁北克孔子学院主持―李前宽导演展映及大师班 | Mr. Qiankuan Li Master Class – hosted by Confucius institute in Quebec

16:00 Réseautage entre les réalisateurs chinois et canadiens/ Chinese and Canadian movie directors networking (venue: TBA)

17:00 Cocktail | 鸡尾酒会| Cocktail Reception

18:30 Cérémonie du 10e anniversaire de l’Institut Confucius à Québec | 魁北克孔子学院成立十周年庆典 | Show for 10th anniversary of Confucius Institute in Quebec


Qiankuan Li 李前宽

Honorary President of 2nd Edition 第二届荣誉主席

Xinghai /星海/The Star and the Sea (2009, 102min)

Qiankuan Li, Guiyun Xiao/李前宽, 肖桂云 | Biographie/传记/Biography

Le film raconte l’enfance de Xing Hai ainsi que le support de sa mère au cours de sa carrière musicale. 音乐家冼星海艰难的童年以及他母亲对他音乐天赋的培养。The film depicts Xing Hai’s difficult childhood times and how his mom supported his musical talents during his career..


Cérémonie du 10e anniversaire de l’ Institut Confucius à Québec.


Show for 10th anniversary of Confucius Institute in Quebec.


For ten years, the Confucius Institute in Quebec has been a statement to the friendship between China and Canada. For the Canada China International Film Festival, we invite you for a special event performed by the students from Beijing Normal University. In the hope to give you the opportunity to understand and gain a new outlook on the Chinese culture.