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Canada China International Film Festival Series of Activities in Shanghai

June 22, 2017

Canada China International Film Festival Series of Activities in Shanghai

On June 22, 2017 at 1:30 pm, the host Canada China International Film Festival (CCIFF) committee and its organizer Shanghai Dream Plus Industrial Corporation Limited and Shanghai Coolboy Industrial Corporation Limited  successfully held the press conference in Shanghai Film Group Corporation-Conference Room. In the press conference, the committee announced that the 2nd edition of CCIFF will be held in Montreal through September 23 to 27, 2017 and reported the work preparation and progress. During the period from June 13 to 22, 2017, Canada China International Film Festival committee participated in a series of activities in Shanghai, including the CCTSS Film and Television Cooperation Forum, Telefilm Cocktail Party hosted by the Canada Shanghai Consulate, and the meeting hosted by CCIFF’s VIP guest, the principal of Concordia University Graham Carr, at Shanghai Theatre Academy.

Over 150 guests attended this press conference, including Chinese director, CCIFF Honorary President Mr. Qiankuan Li, Foreign Affairs Office of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government  deputy director Mr. Lei Jin , Foreign Affairs Office of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government North America Department head Mr. Zhenglong Yan, famous Chinese director Mrs. Guiyun Xiao, Vice President of Shanghai Film Group Mr. Tianyun Wang, party secretary of Radio and Television Shanghai Mr. Junjie Teng, deputy director of Research Department of China National Film Museum Mrs. Ning Gao, China National Film Museum Research Department assistant researcher Mrs. Yue Gao, Canada China Honorary Advisor Mrs. Xiaomei Yue, Canada China International Film Festival ambassador and actor Mr. Yunhao Song, Shanghai Dream Plus Investment Corporation Limited chairman of the board Mr. Dingling Chen, Coolboy (Shanghai) Culture Communication Co., Ltd., General Manager Mr. Wei Chen, Fortune Star Media Limited senior vice president Mr. Wenliang Wu, Firewin Entertainment CEO Mr. Qingyuan Zhang, Shanghai Theater Academy professor Mr. Qi Zhou, the council director of Victoria College of Fine Arts and deputy secretary of China Film and Television Industry Alliance Education Committee Mr. Jin Zheng, China Film Archive deputy director of Development and Advertisement Department Mr. Dan Sha, renown producer Mrs. Xiaowen Zhao, Mrs. Lisa Dong from Milan Women’s Union, Consulate General of Canada in Shanghai, Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Service, Consul Lee Kane, Quebec Government Office in Shanghai, Culture Education Public Affairs officer, Mrs. Christine Zhao, Cirque du Soleil Senior vice president and managing director, Asia, Mr. Corbett Wall, media director of Cirque du Soleil Mr. Jack Yu, senior filmmaker, screenwriter, and director Mr. David Wu, ARABESQUE FILMS producer, director and distributor, Mrs. Annabel Loyola, Réalisations, chief representative in China, Mrs. Yan Gu, renown Canadian film director, Mr. Shuibo Wang, Canadian director Mr. Jordan Paterson, Saimen CEO Mr. Carl Breau, and renown film director Mr. Peter Marshall.

The Premier Edition of CCIFF was held successfully in Montreal in September 2016. During the first Edition, CCIFF received numerous support from government officials, important leaders in the film industry, well-known filmmakers, and personages of all fields from China and Canada. During this press conference, CCIFF received greeting messages from the honorary president of the 2nd CCIFF, Mr. Qiankuan Li, promotion ambassadors Jing Hu and Yunhao Song, famous actor Liuyuan Ding, documentary director Tongdao Zhang, well-known directors Yinan Ding and Lin Sang, the ambassador of technology Light-Cluster Q and awarded guests from the Premier Edition of CCIFF.

Seven major events will be held in the second edition of CCIFF, including the Opening Ceremony, People’s Film Screening (New: TV Drama), Women’s Voice in Film and Television, Entertainment Technology Forum & Film Technology Exhibition, Canada China Co-production Project Pitch (New: Script Competition), celebrating events on the Canada’s 150th anniversary and Montreal’s 375th anniversary, and the Closing Ceremony.

Consulate General of Canada in Shanghai, Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Service, Consul Lee Kane

Chinese director, Canada China International Festival Honorary President Qiankuan Li

Shanghai Film Group Corporation Vice President Tianyun Wang

Meanwhile, CCIFF will closely follow the “The Belt and Road” development strategy, embrace an international vision, carry out cultural exchange and play the role of a “bridge” between the two countries. In order to accelerate the cultural exchange and film cooperation and to celebrate the friendly communication between China and Canada, the second edition of Canada China International Film Festival will include unique components such as the Classic Film Review and Television Drama screenings. Having successfully host the Entertainment Technology Forum & Film Technology Exhibition, the first edition of CCIFF has received immense support and recognition by various professionals. The second edition of CCIFF will continue combining technology and entertainment. Additionally, the CCIFF Committee has developed its own Augmented Reality application on the mobile phone for audiences to experience the combination of art and technology. The application will not only provide detailed information regarding the festival events and schedule, but also feature film trailers with the AR technology. Thus, the audience can directly experience the combination between technology and entertainment.

China National Film Museum Research Deputy Director Ning Gao

Documentary Director of CCTV Fang Meng

Shanghai Dream Plus Investment Corporation Limited, Chairman of the Board Dingling Chen

Mr. Dingling Chen said “In 2015, we bought the copyright of A Better Tomorrow from Hong Kong Star TV and invested the film A Better Tomorrow 4, whose shooting is fixed in April this year. Directed by Sheng Ding and played by Kai Wang, Dalu Wang and Tianyu Ma. A Better Tomorrow 4 will meet the audience this year. Recently, we bought the copyright of Once A Thief from Star TV, which is directed  by Yusen Wu. We will film Once A Thief 2 in Montreal.” Through cooperating with CCIFF and utilizing Canadian tourism and new technology resources, Mr. Dingling Chen wishes to combine the advantages of film production in both countries and make this IP film into a classic co-produced movie between China and Canada.

Four Contracts Signing Ceremonies

Contract One: CCIFF, Dream Plus Investment Corporation Limited, Shanghai Coolboy Industrial Corporation Limited, Fortune Star media Limited signed the Tripartite Strategic Cooperation Agreement. CCIFF committee also witnessed Mr. Wenliang Wu, the representative of Fortune Star Media Limited, announcing the launch of the filming of Once A Thief 2, directed by Yusen Wu.

Tripartite Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Contract Two: Mrs. Meng Fang, a specialist in the China Culture Translation and Studies Support (CCTSS) committee, and Ms. Song Miao, President of the CCIFF signed the China Readers’ Club Cooperation Agreement. CCTSS and the China-Canada Art-Tech has long maintained friendly and stable cooperation. As a brand of CCTSS networking activities, China Readers’ Club aims at promoting the multi-channel exchanges of Chinese cultural works across languages barriers. On an international platform consisted of the Belt and Road countries, China Readers’ Club will continue telling good Chinese stories and speaking Chinese voice. In 2017, CCTSS and CCIFF will work together based on the film and television cultural works of China and Canada, promote a high-end, in-depth, friendly dialogue between the professionals of these two countries, contribute to a civilized communication, and appreciate the beauty of different cultures.

The China Readers’ Club Cooperation Agreement

Contract Three: The Brand Director of the Chinese Film Market Ms. Jie Ren has signed the “2017 Strategic Cooperation Agreement Between CCIFF and the Chinese Film Market” with the director of CCIFF, Ms. Miao Song. The magazine the Chinese Film Market will join CCIFF and make efforts to bring our film festival to the next level. They will perform as the chief media partner to report continuously about the opening, closing ceremonies and other main events, release a programme, cooperate on advertising; they will hold a series of relative forums with CCIFF; they will also build up ateliers for film makers from China and Canada with us.

2017 Strategic Cooperation Agreement Between CCIFF and the Chinese Film Market

Contract Four: Agreement on calls for technology between China and Canada. China Science and Culture Communication Industry Association (CSCCIA) will rely on the advantages of CCIFF, adapt to the “Bring in” and “Go Global” strategies, satisfy the huge market demand on science and culture, and develop in international communication. CSCCIA will build up a platform with the Canadian government in industry exchange through projects cooperation, talents development and culture communication.

Senior filmmaker, screenwriter, director David Wu  

The director of the China-Canada cooperated film Iron Road , David Wu, attended the press conference and wished the second edition of CCIFF a success.

Song Miao, Director of CCIFF, mentioned that each year CCIFF features a different annual theme. The 2016 festival featured the China Canada Year of People-to-People and Culture Exchange. In 2017, the festival will feature a theme to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, Montreal’s 375th anniversary and the 70th anniversary of People’s Liberation Army of China. In the process, CCIFF will host a series of events to facilitate relationship building across the two nations. The Year of Canada-China Tourism, the Year of the People’s Republic of China’s 70th Anniversary, and the Year of Canada-China 50 Year Relationships will be the themes for 2018, 2019, and 2020 respectively.

Canada China International Film Festival was established during the year of China-Canada Culture Exchange. Adopting this theme as its central mandate, CCIFF has received support and anticipation from governments of both countries since the beginning. The second edition of CCIFF will continue serving the artistic industry professionals of both countries. Other than broadening the Chinese film market, Chinese film industry should also promote Chinese film culture and provide Chinese filmmakers with more opportunities for cooperation. The CCIFF committee will host a series of events in Los Angeles, Toronto and Ottawa. More information regarding the events and the film festival will be released during the upcoming press conferences.

Currently, the film and drama submission platforms are opened. The second round of submissions has successfully ended in March and the last round has begun. Everyone is encouraged to submit their films and take part in this extraordinary initiative. Works completed from January 2016 to Mid-July 2017 are eligible for the submissions. The CCIFF Committee warmly welcomes filmmakers, industrial professionals, and corporations from both countries to take part in this cultural and technological entertainment event.

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