Press release

Opening ceremony

January 29, 2017

The Opening Ceremony of the first edition of CCIFF

Since the press conference of the first Canada China International Film Festival on September 8, it has become a chasing target for media. We all wonder the difference of this film festival, the surprise it will bring us in the future, who else will walk on the red carpet? Which film crew will show up on film festival? Which movie will win the award.

On September 16, the highly anticipated Canada China International Film Festival started its grand opening in Montreal Museum of Fine Arts! Please follow our pictures to share this feast for all movie lovers.

The opening ceremony of Canada China International Film Festival was located in Montreal’s most prestigious Fine Arts Museum. This unique decision surprised everybody, but feels rational if you think of it. Museum of Fine Arts was famous for its rich and high-quality collection.

Film-making is relatively a young form of art, the decision of placing the festival’s opening ceremony in the art museum is a surprise offered by the festival, it is also a noble salute to the art.

Red carpet has been paved, cameras have already occupied the best spots, guests also continue to arrive, the spotlight was focused on the front panel of the backdrop. Filmmakers from China and Canada gathered here together to witness this great moment.

The young ambassadors of this film festival Timothy Mokhov and Sienna Mazzone are small actor and actress from Sybille Sasse Agency in Montreal, and they gave us a warm up performance in the ceremony. The fact of using children as ambassadors is also a creative idea of this year’s festival, heralded that Canada China International Film Festival and will grow up along with those children to have a beautiful and bright future.

The Executive Chairman of the festival Dr. Song Miao and the chairman of Concordia University District 3 Mr. Xavier Henri Hervé gave a speech together, signified the official opening of Canada China International Film Festival.

In their welcome speech, Dr. Xavier and Dr. Song together emphasized the unique characteristics of Canada China International Film Festival: 1. Highlighting the Chinese and Canadian film exchange 2. Emphasizing the close combination of art and technology. In fact, this film festival is different from others, during the opening ceremony on the red carpet, movie directors and staffs are far more numerous than actors only, returning the glory of the red carpet to these unsung heroes.

At the start of the first edition of Canada China International Film Festival, the local artist Simone and Sinha Dance had a great performance at the event.

Meanwhile, the mobile application developed by Festival’s AR team released on the opening ceremony can scan directly poster in the booklet to watch movie trailers directly. During the four-day long film festival, various forums, exchanges, seminars and so on are on schedule designed to explore the blending and interaction of the road between movies and the latest technology. Even the final award trophies are produced by 3D printers. When science and technology in a gesture of going forward bravely, Canada China International Film Festival also adjusts its own starting point, expecting to bring some fresh content to the industry.

Speaking as a special guest of the opening ceremony, General Consulate of the People’s Republic of China in Montreal, Mr. Peng Jingtao gave a seamless speech in both French and Chinese to congratulate the success of opening. He also thanked the outstanding contribution of the Canada China International Film Festival for Chinese and Canadian cultural exchange.

Cultural Director of Montreal City Hall Ms. Chantal Rossi spoke as the representative of the city. As the capital of art, Montreal has a lot of Film Festivals, but as a country with strong directional communication platform, Canada China International Film Festival is unique. She and Mr.Peng also deeply agreed with such a view that China and Canada can only have a more in-depth cooperation on the basis of mutual understanding. This film festival is a very good opportunity Through films, people in China and Canada can achieve mutual understanding and respect.

The festival’s important partner, Alan Shepard president of Concordia University noted that the school has many graduates who are engaged in the film and related work, and some graduates have also made some excellent works. Today, there are a lot of staffs from this film festival who are students from Concordia University. He encouraged young people to have their own ideas, to have a dream for movie. As the president, he will be happy to see their results.

Montreal’s nearby City, City of Brossard, has a high Chinese population. Mayor Paul Leduc commended that the festival allows Canadians to see a different image of Chinese people. In the past, we feel that China is prosperous through trade and economic cooperation. The festival shows people the cultural side of China, help people to have a fully understand its culture.

The famous China’s fourth generation movie director Xie Fei have visited Montreal four times. Today, as the Honorary President of Canada China International Film Festival , Professor Xie Fei is more like to attend a friend’s party than a film festival. In his view, the cooperation between film festival and school, is a great way to promote the film industry forward. Because in school, there are more cutting-edge thinking and exploration, as well as countless vibrant young students with unique ideas, ready to pursuit.

Canada Prime Minister’s messenger spoke lastly gave us a surprise: she brought a congratulatory letter from Prime Minister Trudeau! This year is the 46th year since Canada and China have established diplomatic relations. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau’s visit to China made a huge impact on promoting bilateral exchanges and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will soon visit Canada, and set the unique visit to Montreal. The so-called opportune Canada China International Film Festival has an important place in promoting cultural exchanges between Canada and China. Prime Minister Trudeau
in his congratulatory letter mentioned that Canada China International Film Festival brings the Chinese filmmakers and their cultures to Canada making local movie industry to have the opportunity to learn from each other, exchange and cooperate.

Ms. Beverly Shaffer from National Film Board Director was also join the first edition and be one of the Jury member to selected award films.

During the opening ceremony, Centre montréalais de la Culture et des Arts chinois and Feng Huang Wushu brought great performance for guests.

Movie is the interest of a lot of people, however, for each film worker, every frame is embodied with the hard work that the audience cannot see. The festival’s slogan tells the voice of numerous people behind the scene: your story, our world. In order to render the story more exciting, the filmmakers have been gave tireless efforts continuously . Canada China International Film Festival offers to these filmmakers a rare opportunity to learn and exchange different platform.

After the opening ceremony, “The Calligraphy Master“ was screened as the opening film. The movie production team led by director Ding Yin Nan, Ding Zhen came to the scene to share their feelings with the guests, and wished the first Canada China international film Festival to be successful. Of course, the opening ceremony is only a beginning, we believe that in the next few days, all the movie lovers will get more surprise and harvest.