La huitième édition du Festival International du Film Canada Chine se clôturera prochainement.


2nd September 2023

Movies are not only a feast for the eyes and ears, but also a blend of culture and art. As the China-Canada International Film Festival draws to a close, we will be hosting our closing screening in Toronto. We are honored to have the director of the film "Chasing the Light for Miles" on hand to take you on a journey of cinema. We look forward to immersing ourselves in the profound world of cinema with you and experiencing the moments and emotions that are captured.


Adresse de l'événement | 活动地点:

Cineplex Cinemas Fairview Mall

1800 Sheppard Ave E Unit Y007, North York, ON M2J 5A7

Ticket prices for the closing screening: 15$ CAD plus tax

10:00 am-12:00 pm

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Oscar-winning director Beverly Shaffer offers a unique look at downtown Montreal through the eyes of Chinese-Canadian girl Susan Yee. Susan is a sharp and outspoken teenager with a keen eye for adult foibles that she doesn't hesitate to use, whether at home, at play, or at school. Part of the Children of Canada series.
奥斯卡获奖导演贝弗利-谢弗(Beverly Shaffer)通过华裔加拿大女孩苏珊-易(Susan Yee)的眼睛,以独特的视角展现了蒙特利尔的市中心。苏珊是一位敏锐而直率的少女,她对成年人的缺点有着敏锐的洞察力,无论是在家里、玩耍中还是在学校里,她都会毫不犹豫地使用这种敏锐的洞察力。加拿大儿童》系列丛书之一。


The closing ceremony will feature the documentary "In Pursuit of Light", co-created by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Zhang Tongdao and Hollywood's ''Evergreen", 95-year-old Oscar Life Member Lisa Lu Yan. The film recounts the experience of Lisa Lu Yan, who dared to go alone to Hollywood in the last century and looks back at the careers of Wong Liu-shui, Bruce Lee, Ruan Lingyu, Li Minwei, and Tsai Chu-sheng, who created the golden age of Chinese cinema in a tumultuous era. From Wong Liu-shui who, despite discrimination, remained indomitable, insisting on expressing his ideals and Asian identity through cinema, to Michelle Yeoh on the Oscar podium today, Chinese filmmakers have written a moving song of images.


Director Zhang Tongdao is a celebrated Chinese filmmaker. His training in literature lends his documentaries a solemn poetic quality in addition to their realism. Reality and poetry intertwine to give birth to the century-old story of the struggle of professionals in Chinese cinema.


À la poursuite de la lumière | 追光万里 (2021, 1h26min)

Tongdao Zhang/张同道 | Documentaire/纪录片

Chine & États-Unis/中国 & 美国 |Mandarin & Anglais/中文 & 英语

Through the intersection of films, the movie takes you on a century-old spiritual journey. March on the light, dream limitlessly. 穿过电影的交叉时空,完成一次百年的精神历险。踏光而行,梦想无界。