Festival Committee

Honorary President of 2nd Edition

Qiankuan Li

Qiankuan Li is a first-class film director officially recognized by the Chinese government. He served as former President of China Film Association as well as juror for both Shanghai International Film Festival and the Chinese Golden Rooster Film Awards. His films such as the Birth of New China was selected as the Chinese entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 62nd Academy Awards. Director Li’s films not only combine the realistic aspect of history and the artistic aspect of aesthetics, but also reveal Chinese traditional culture and values.

Honorary Lifetime Advisor

Fei Xie

World-recognized Chinese film director and professor at Beijing Film Academy. He has served as juror for film festivals around the world and received numerous awards including the Golden Bear Awards of Berlin International Film Festival and the Chinese Hundred Flowers Awards.

Honorary Advisory Committee

Fenglin Wang

Vice President and Secretary General of China Film Producers’ Association, film producer and director of films and television shows.

Dr. Peter Grogono

Professor, Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, Concordia University. Recipient of Teaching Excellence Award.

Zhuoyue Huang

Chairman of the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the Academic Committee of CCTSS National Project, the institute director of BLCU Sinological and Chinese Studies; Director of BLCU Culture Research Centre for Chinese Culture Translation and Studies Worldwide.



As the dean of the Entertainment Technology Management Program at Columbia University School, Donald Marinelli is experienced in and familiar with advanced entertainment technology.


Canadian industrial designer for more than 50 years.

Xiaomei Yue

Film and Television Producer, Financial and Investment Advisor

Joan Vogelesang

Seasoned consultant specialized in international business development, SME globalization and education. Joan was the former President and Chief Executive Officer of Toon Boom Animation Inc. from 1998 until 2014.

CCIFF Advisors



Executive Director of Beijing Dianzan Culture Development. Ltd. Co.


Montreal-based filmmaker, his documentary is beloved by Canadians.



Canadian Visual artist, writer, editor, and Event Coordinator of the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal.


Senior economist and President of TianXiang International Co.

Jin Zheng

Council Director of Victoria College of Fine Arts, Deputy General Secretary of the China Film and Television Industry Alliance Education Committee, etc.

Rachel Wang

Director of Marketing and Business Development of DS Avocats Canada.

Yongjian Sun

The first science and technology consul of General Consulate of People’s Republic of China in Montreal.

Vice Executive Directors

Shuiying Ge

Deputy Director of the Research Center for Scientific Communication of the Chinese Academy of Science, Director of Beijing Sci-tech Education Promotion Association, and Vice-chairman of Zhongguancun Culture creativity and game industry alliance.

Xiaoyong Mu

Famous Chinese producer, film, and television planner. Chief Operating Officer of Summer Star TV Media.

Feng Liu

Member of the China Film Producers’ Association, currently working for the Beijing TV Art Center Co., Ltd. – Liu Feng Studio. He has received many awards for his dedication in his field.

Ye Li

Vice-President of Wanda Cultural Industry Group. He started among the young generation of media workers, and became famous as a film investor and a film marketing specialist.

Fang Meng

Director, scriptwriter, and producer of Meng Fang Studio of China Central Film Production Company. She is a graduate of the Beijing Film Academy and the Communication University of China.

Yu li

Head of the Graduate Department of the China Film Archive (China Film Art Research Center); Doctoral degree in Film Studies, and Master‘s degree in Russian Language and Literature.



Famous film producer in China with highly experienced co-production



Vice Director of CCIFF. Graduated from Beijing University, she has over 20 years of marketing experience.


Vice Director of CCIFF and project manager of mDreams Pictures Inc. Graduated from Concordia University with a major in Computer Science.