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The Canada China International Film Festival is held by Canada China Art-Tech, a non-profit organization, dedicated to fostering relations and understanding between China and Canada. Together, we facilitate cultural dialogue between the two nations by connecting stakeholders in the fields of art, technology, and digital interactive media in order to prompt Canadian artists in Canada and abroad.

We also support Canadian independent media arts, invest in and contribute to the development of new technologies, and combine art and technology to create new art forms such as non-linear storytelling, augmented reality cinema, and interactive documentaries.

We organize festivals, workshops, seminars, and conferences for the exchange of ideas and culture. These events help to showcase Canadian independent media artworks and transfer knowledge between cultures and the diverse arts community.

Many of our members are working artists who’s exceptional reputation is known in both Canadian and Chinese creative communities. Our members regularly collaborate with professionals, artists, and cultural communities in arts and technology.


Dr. Miao Song

Dr. Miao Song is the Founder and President of The China Canada International Film Festival. She also works at Concordia University as a professor of Computer Science and Art Technology. She has plentiful experience working in the film industry, virtual reality, and teaching animation, programming, and interactive design. By integrating traditional art into the latest technologies, Dr. Miao Song has cooperated with other universities: McGill University, Carnegie Cameroon University, University of Texas USA, Beijing Normal University, The Central Academy of Drama, Beijing Film Academy and more.

Canada China Art-Tech

Canada China Art-Tech (CCAT) is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering relations and understandings between China and Canada. CCAT facilitates cultural dialogue between the two nations by connecting stakeholders in art and technology and digital interactive media, promoting Canadian and Chinese artists to collaborate internationally.

mDreams Pictures, Inc.

mDreams Pictures, Inc. founded in 2011, is a company specializing in new media and film production. It specializes in new HCI (Human Computer Interaction Design) in theatre and documentary productions. The mDreams Pictures team has members from computer science, software engineering, business and management backgrounds. The team is also made up of interactive media designers, special effects artists, performers, dancers, filmmakers, and various interdisciplinary backgrounds. They collaborate with local and international research centers, artistic troupes, and work with industrial companies in a variety of interactive/new media research, ­creation and production projects for the stage, installations, and mobile platforms.