Press release

CCIFF Co-Founder Presents at ACM SIGGRAPH 2018 Vancouver

August 20, 2018

The ACM SIGGRAPH 2018 was hosted in Vancouver BC August 12-16 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Dr. Serguei Mokhov from Concordia University and Co-Founder of Canada China International Film Festival attended the conference and presented at the Educator’s Forum on “Real-Time Motion Capture for Performing Arts and Stage” as well as CG in Canada. Furthermore, a Poster Session on “Creative Use of Signal Processing and MARF in ISSv2 and Beyond” by Dr. Serguei Mokhov, Dr. Miao Song, Dr. Sudhir Mudur and Zihao Song from Concordia University and mDreams Stage.

SIGGRAPH is the top-tier annual conference on computer graphics (CG) convened by the ACM SIGGRAPH organization. Founded in 1967, SIGGRAPH has been dedicated to the promotion and development of hardware and software technology on computer graphics, animation, and beyond. Starting in 1974, SIGGRAPH is the conference that combines science, arts, and business in a CG technology show, and is the biggest, most influential, and authoritative academic conference with vast industrial participation.