We are proud to present the 5th edition's screening from April 1st to 30th, 2021, in partnership with Panscene and Smart Cinema USA.

Special thanks to Telefilm Canada, Consulat Général de la République Populaire de Chine à Montréal, Government du Québec Office, Concordia University, and our partners! 

The 5th China Canada International Film Festival hosted by Canada China Art-Tech has been adjusted according to the situation of the epidemic and is divided into two parts:
Entertainment Technology Summit, hosted from September 18th to December 18th, 2020 on zoom and the Online Film Screening, starts from April 1st, 2021.

You can watch more than 15 films for free during the month of April online at

  • Mobile App SmartCinemaUSA (full film list)
  • CCIFF Official Youtube Channel (only limited previews)

Some highlights of screened films, such as NFB short films, as well as CCIFF award films: 

CCIFF Best Film: The Farewell (also won two awards at Golden Global Awards)
CCIFF Best Actress: My Dear Liar (Chinese famous actress Yan Liu)
CCIFF Best Actor: WILCOX (Canadian famous actor Guillaume Tremblay, director Denis Côté just won the Berlin director award this year)
CCIFF Best Short Film: Through the Seasons (Through the Seasons documents the disappearing nomadic Kazak culture of Xinjiang before time runs out, and in doing so reveals the philosophy of equality with all living things and embracing both death and life.)

See the full list of the films and the availability due to the screening dates and geo-restriction at our website: http://www.cciff.ca/screening   

Panscene is the online service provider for the 5th CCIFF, using innovative mobile technology to serve our Online Screening and Entertainment Technology Summits. Explore our 3D Cinema Space!


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受益人 | My Dear Liar  (2020, 2hr 01mins)
申奥 Ao Shen  | 剧情/Drama  | 中国/China |  中文/Chinese

钟振江裹挟好友吴海,企图骗婚淼淼并制造意外进行骗保。吴与淼假戏真做之际,钟突然发难,对淼动手。Zhenjiang Zhong colludes with his friend Hai Wu to attempt to murder Miaomiao for fraud on high insurance. Hai seriously falls in love with Miao and can't execute the plan. At this moment, Zhenjiang can't wait any longer and starts to murder Miao himself.

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别告诉她 |The Farewell (2019, 1hr 40 mins)
王子逸 Lulu Wang | Drame/剧情  | USA/美国 | 中文/英文 | Chinese/English
自小随父母移民美国的碧莉(饰演)是个如假包换的纽约人。当碧莉从父母那里得知奶奶罹患癌症、时日不多时,全家人急忙赶回中国,想要陪她度过最后的时光。可一切远没有看起来那么简单。Billi (AWKWAFINA) is a New Yorker through and through, having come to America as a child with her Chinese immigrant parents. In regular calls to her Nai Nai, her grandma back in Changchun, Billi keeps their relationship strong, seeking advice and sharing details of her life, including her plans to become a writer.

Limited time 限时观影
Everyday at 10:00-11:30; 20:00-21:30

零零后|Post-00s  (2020, 1 hr 17 mins)
张同道 Tongdao Zhang | 纪录片/Documentary |中国/China |中文/Chinese
《零零后》由北京师范大学纪录片中心12年跟踪拍摄、根据两个“零零后”孩子成长经历制作的纪录电影。该电影以平行蒙太奇的手法讲述了与剧版《零零后》不同的全新故事。Made by Documentary Centre, BNU, this documentary was filmed over a period of 12 years, showing 2 Post-00s kids’ growing up experiences. Introducing parallel montage technique, the film tells a brand-new story than the TV series of the same name. 

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山顶上的建筑 | A Tower on the Mountain (2020, 52 mins)
Paul Carvalho |  纪录片/Documentary | 加拿大/Canada | 法文/French
本片记载了加拿大建筑师Ernest Cormier及其丰富、热情的一生。他设计了蒙特利尔大学位于皇家山的标志性建筑,位于渥太华的加拿大最高法院,以及纽约联合国大厦的大门。这部电影展现了这位20世纪上半叶最重要的加拿大建筑师的另类生活和巨大成就。An inquiry into the astonishingly rich and passionate life of Canadian architect Ernest Cormier, who designed the iconic building of the University of Montréal on Mount Royal, the home of the Canadian Supreme Court in Ottawa, and the doors of the United Nations in New York. 

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第一线 | The Front Line (2020, 30 mins/EP)
赵曦 Xi Zhao | 纪录片/Documentary | 中国/China | 中文/Chinese
《第一线》,深入武汉七家疫情患者收治医院,真实记录了疫情爆发后的50多天里,深处疫情漩涡的武汉的真实状态。一个个真实的故事,展示这场疫情中的人间真情。Set during the 50 days after the breakout of COVID-19 in 7 hospitals in Wuhan,  the documentary reveals the real situation of the city under pandemic. A series of real stories reflect the warmth in human nature.

Watch anytime, only limited to Canada 随时观影 限加拿大观众

老狗狗 | Old Dog (2020, 3 min)
Ann Marie Fleming | 动画短片/Animation | 加拿大/Canada  |  英語/English
寻求安·玛丽·弗莱明(Ann Marie Fleming)衰老的温柔颂歌。After losing his best
friend, an elderly pug named Henry must depend on his owner for help in Ann Marie Fleming’s tender ode to aging.

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填海记 |The Stone And The Sea (2020, 8min 06s)
胡迪, 穆清/ Di Hu,Qing Mu | 动画短片//Animation |  中国/China |中文/Chinese
被遗忘的小石子演绎着精卫填海的传说,为了心中的那片海,踏上了艰辛却不失趣味的旅途……The forgotten stone's interpretation of "The Legend of Jingwei Reclamation". It began its hard but interesting journey for the sake of the sea in its heart.

Limited time 限时观影

乱序 | Out of Order (2021, 56 min)
纪录片/ Documentary | 加拿大/Canada  |  法文/French
Tongue firmly in cheek, Out Of Order is a look at the social balance between raw animal instinct and the elevation of minds, bodies, and souls in an educated and conformed society.
With the support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and La Tohu.  

Watch anytime, only limited to Canada 随时观影 限加拿大观众

通天之路 | Highway to Heaven (2019 | 16 min 48s)
Sandra Ignagni | 纪录片/ Documentary | 加拿大/Canada  |  英語/English
一部简短的交响类纪录片,带您一窥不列颠哥伦比亚省里士满5号路的独特宗教共处。A short symphonic documentary offering a glimpse into the unique religious co-existence found along No. 5 Road in Richmond, British Columbia.

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 走过四季| Through the Seasons (2020, 32 mins)
Xiapukati Mulati| 短片/Short  | 中国/China |中文/Chinese
《走过四季》通过抢救性拍摄记录了即将消逝的新疆哈萨克族游牧转场文化,展现出面对自然与生死万物平等的哲学观。Through the Seasons documents the disappearing nomadic Kazak culture of Xinjiang before time runs out, and in doing so reveals the philosophy of equality with all living things and embracing both death and life.

Limited time 限时观影  (ONLY April 12-18, 2021)

威尔克斯生存记 | WILCOX (2019, 1hr 6mins)
Denis Côté|  剧情/Drama 加拿大/Canada| 法文/French
威尔科克斯仿佛代表了那些不按常规生活的人们。他穿越荒野和无名之地,创造属于自己的生活哲学。影片打破剧情片和纪录片的分界,叙事含蓄而内敛,看似呈现生命的荒芜,实则是对自身生活状态和存在意义的长久凝视。Wilcox is of those whom exist outside the norm. Traversing deserted roads and nameless fields, Wilcox sets off to create his own mythology. Deserter, delinquent, or survivalist, the adventurer quietly roams in search of something; in search of a touchstone of some kind; in search of what could more simply be described as freedom.

Limited time 限时观影 (until April 11, 2021)

回家:夜幕降临  | COMING HOME : BEYOND A MOONLESS NIGHT  (2020, 1hr30mins)
Marie-Hélène Panisset | 纪录片/Documentary 加拿大/Canada |  法文/French
通过老挝逃离越南战争40年后,一位年轻的加拿大妇女以“船民”难民的身份返回家乡,与一位长期失散的阿姨会面。 激动人心的聚会为越过越南以及老挝和柬埔寨的发现之旅和寻求身份打下了基调,这三个国家曾经是法国印度支那。 通过采访平民百姓,他们拍出了非凡的生活,影片描绘了战争的爆发与殖民化的数十年之间的联系。Forty years after having fled the war in Vietnam through Laos, a young Canadian woman who arrived as a Boat People refugee goes back to her native land to meet with a long lost aunt. The emotional gathering sets the tone for a discovery trip and identity quest across Vietnam but also Lao and Cambodia, the three countries that once comprised French Indochina. By interviewing common people with extraordinary lives, the film draws links between the eruption of the war and decades of colonization.

Limited time 限时观影

这不是一部电影 | This is not a movie (2019, 1hr 49mins)
Yung Chang | 纪录片/Documentary 加拿大/Canada |  英語/English
作为一个中东问题专家,菲斯克经常处于战火之中,纪录片中也多有涉及。但是通过以上这些,我们能看到他如何继续不知疲倦地追寻着真相。For more than 40 years, journalist Robert Fisk has reported on some of the most violent and divisive conflicts in the world.

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游学东方 | Journey to the East (2017, 10 mins)
Chung Mui, Deschanel Li | 纪录片/Documentary 加拿大/Canada |  英語/English
Since 1973, the Canada-China Scholars’ Exchange Program and other programs have given opportunities for Canadians to study in China. Many of the alumni from over the last 40 years remember the experience as a life-changing journey that gave new perspectives and a deeper understanding of China and the world. 自1973年以来,“中加学者交换项目”和其他项目为众多加拿大人提供了到中国学习的机会。过去40年间的许多毕业生都认为,这段经历改变了他们的人生,他们因此对中国、以及对世界都有了全新的、且更加深刻的了解。

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背景调查 | Innocent (2017, 1 hr 28 mins)

Marc-andré Lavoie | 故事片/Feature Film 加拿大/Canada |  法語/French
How will Francis, a gentle and generous man end up behind bars? This is what we will discover when we find ourselves catapulted into the heart of a whirlwind of bad luck and prejudice. 弗朗西斯,一个温柔大方的人怎么会落入牢房? 当我们发现自己陷入不幸和偏见的漩涡中时,就会发现这一点。

A conversation between Canadian and Chinese Filmmakers and PRIZE DRAW!!!!

Date and Time:  08:00 PM-09:00 PM, Montreal time, April 30, 2021

You will have a chance to win prizes during the events. JOIN US!

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The series of activities of the Entertainment Technology Summit Forum, the establishment of China Canada film technology exchanges, and the display of world-leading film and television technology is an important feature that distinguishes the China Canada International Film Festival from other traditional film festivals. Companies participating in the three summits were Google from the United States, Hanyang University from South Korea, Canadian organizations and companies are National Film Board, Québec/Canada XR, Derivative, Moment Factory, 7 Fingers, Concordia University,  McGill University, Neweb Labs, Orange Films Productions Inc,ELEKTRA, OVA, Summit Tech, Zú Montreal, L'ÉLOI, ZYLIA;  Chinese organizations and companies are China Film Archive, China Science and Technology Culture Communication Industry Innovation Platform, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, Beijing Radio & TV Station, China Jintian Industry Park, National Rongchang Cultural Tourism Group, Beijing Crystal Stone Cultural Exhibition Co., Beijing Sinostar Culture Technology Co., Sandbox Immersive Festival, and Phenom Films. We sincerely thank Quebec Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie in order to make these summits possible.

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